See our Gallery below for images of our Deck and Fence Accessories including our Tiki Torches, Planter Baskets, Low Voltage LED Post Lights, Bird Feeder, and our 2″ Aluminum Fence Single & Double Hanging Hook Extensions.

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Tru-Post Inc - Deck & Fence Torch
Tru-Post Trex Post Planter Basket
Deck & Fence Led Light
Coco Planter Basket - By Tru-Post Inc
Tru-Post Oil Lamp at Night
Fence Plant Hanger By Tru-Post
Aluminum Fence Post with Tiki Torches
Tiki Torch on 2.5
Aluminum Fence Planter
Tru-Post Planter Basket for Aluminum Fence Post
Trex Railing Post Tiki Torch
Tru-Post Flower Planter Basket on Trex Railing Post
Tru-Post Trex Transcend Railing Torch
Tru-Post Planter Basket - 2.5
Tru-Post Trex Railing Post Flower Planter Basket
Tru-Post Trex Railing Torch
Tru-Post Planter Basket for Trex Railing Post
Tru-Post Tiki Torches on Aluminum Fence Post
Pool Fence Tiki Torch
Bird Feeder on Aluminum Fence Post
Single Hook Hanger Extension for an Aluminum Fence Post
Planter Basket on Vinyl Fence Post
Tru-Post Vinyl Fence Planter Basket
Vinyl Fence Post with Planter Basket
Planter with flowers on Aluminum Fence Post
Aluminum Fence Post with Tru-Post Tiki Torches
Tru-Post TREX Planter Basket
Trex Railing Post with Tru-Post Planter Basket
2.5in Aluminum Fence Tiki Torch
Double Hook Planter Hanger by Tru-Post