Below You’ll Find Common Questions

Does the Tru-Post fit my post?
If you are unsure of your brand of fence or railing post, you can remove the existing cap and see if there is a brand on your post cap and match it with the fence and deck brands listed. Most manufacturers label their caps some do not. If you have a cap that is not labeled you can measure the post and see if we have a cap that fits. Do you not see your brand fence or deck railing? If you are not sure and need help, you may contact us and we will assist you.

What is the Warranty?
Tru-Post, Inc warranties our products to be free from manufacturing defect for 1 (one) year from the date of purchase.  This includes deterioration due to corrosion from external elements. Tru-Post, Inc. does not warranty the cap chain or cotton wick portion of the oil lamp or the coco liner portion of the planter, which is replaceable. Any above warranty is void if the fixture is not installed in accordance to specific fixture instructions, has been modified, or is used in a non-standard application.  Should a fixture need to be submitted for return, a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) is required from Tru-Post, Inc..  Shipping costs are not the responsibiliy of Tru-Post, Inc..  Any labor needed to remove or re-install the fixture is the responsibility of the purchaser and is not covered in this warranty.  Discoloration from soot is normal at areas surrounding the flame on the oil lamp model.  Tru-Post, Inc. makes no guarantee as to the extent of this discoloration.  Stainless steel, aluminum and steel patina, oxidize and rust naturally.  Tru-Post will not make any guarantee as to the rate or extent of this natural process.  While this legalese is a requirement to protect the manufacturer in the above-mentioned instances, any of our client’s concerns are of great importance to us.  We realize the value of keeping a satisfied customer and will work with our clients to resolve any and all concerns.

How do I remove the old Post Cap?
Depending on how your fence or deck cap is installed will depend on how you remove your cap. Most caps are friction fit and can be removed using a screw driver or small wood block and put plastic paint scraper as a wedge to pop the cap off the post. Be careful you do not scratch your post. In the case that you cap is glued or silicone to the post, a thin paint scraper works best. If you have trouble removing your cap you can consult with a local contractor or handy man for assistance.

How do I Install Tru-Post Cap?
If your fence or deck railing is a new install you simply slide the cap over the post. For existing fence and rail posts you will need to remove the old cap. Most of our caps are friction fit to the specific brand posts listed. Some of our caps may require a self-tapping screw or silicone to adhere to the post. If you have a deck post that has a wood 4×4 inside the sleeve you can install a self tapping screw down through the inverted nipple with threads and lock the cap down from there.

How do I Open Oil Lamp Canister?
Remove the canister from the basket and push down on the top cap that holds the wick. Spin slowly until you feel the small knobs connect with the grooves and spin counter clockwise. Once you remove the cap and wick you can slowly fill canister with your preferred lantern fluid.  Be sure to wipe off any excess fluid that spills onto the canister. Do not fill canister past the seam or overflow fluid as this will result in a fire hazard.

How do I Wire the LED Light?
If you are unsure how to connect the low voltage LED light, consult with a professional licensed electrician to install your LED lights.