What Is Tru-Post?

Tru-Post, Inc. has developed a new and innovative way to attach accessories to the top of a deck and fence post. The Tru-Post deck and fence accessories are the most unique accessories in the industry. Our patented deck and fence post caps are truly a one of a kind application.

No more zip tying tiki torches or damaging your deck railing with planter troughs. You can throw away your “C” clamp hangers and decorate your deck and fence with the Tru-Post® caps that are a custom fit post cap to your fence or railing. We have made a retro-fit cap to attach to the most common deck and fence posts out there. Our four main products are a stainless steel Oil Lamp or torch, a coco liner planter basket, an LED light and a cylindrical bird feeder. We designed our products to replace the common after market applications of these models with clean retro-fit options.

Tru-Post Inc - Deck & Fence Torch
Coco Planter Basket - By Tru-Post Inc
Tru-Post LED Light TP-WL101A

“Tru-Post Added That Extra Something That Our Deck Needed”

- Dan Bender, Phoenix

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